We help multiply the value of your contribution to Catholic schools in three simple steps:
READY...GO takes in donations before December 31 of each calendar year to fund scholarships that help students attend a Catholic school.
  • Your donation benefits students in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa!
    • Every single dollar that you contribute to GO funds scholarships for qualified students to attend one of the 12 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa.
    • You can choose schools that you want to receive most of your donation or simply help GO fund the need in all 12 Catholic schools, wherever it is exists.
  • Your donation benefits YOU!
    • The combination of Tax Credit and Tax Deduction significantly reduces the net cost of your donation.
      1. Tax Credit
      2. Tax Deduction
      • You get a state income tax credit of up to 75% (or 50%) of your donation amount to GO.
      • The tax credit earned by contributing to GO this year directly reduces your state income taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis when you file your income tax return next year.
      • You can still deduct your entire donation to GO as a charitable contribution.
      • Assuming you itemize deductions, your charitable contribution to GO reduces your federal and state income taxes by reducing the amount of your adjusted gross income.
    • Note: As a result of a change to the law effective January 1, 2016, you can qualify for a tax credit worth up to 75% of your donation to GO, if you make a written commitment to contribute the same amount to GO for two consecutive years. Otherwise, you will receive a tax credit of up to 50% of your one-time donation to GO this year.
SET...GO helps make sure you get your tax credit and identifies students to receive scholarships for the next academic year.
  • GO provides information to the Oklahoma Tax Commission to allow donors to receive their tax credit.
    • At the beginning of each calendar year, GO provides the Oklahoma Tax Commission with a summary of donations made during the previous calendar year, so the Tax Commission can calculate and administer the tax credits. The Tax Commission will post tax credit information on its website no later than February 15 of each year. Donors will claim the appropriate tax credit when they file their Oklahoma state income tax return.
    *Donors to GO claim a charitable deduction for the entire amount of the donation to GO on their federal and state income tax returns, just as with any other charitable contributions made by the donor.
  • GO identifies students that qualify to receive scholarships to attend a Catholic school.
    • Every student who applies for financial aid at any of the 12 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa is automatically considered for a GO scholarship.
    • GO awards scholarships based solely on the family's demonstrated level of financial need, using verified household income and the number of persons living in the household as a proxy for financial need.
GO...GO provides scholarships to eligible students attending a Catholic school in the Diocese of Tulsa.

At the beginning of the academic year GO finalizes scholarship awards, processes checks made payable to the student's parent, and mails the scholarship award to the Catholic school where the student is enrolled. The parent of the student that has been awarded a GO scholarship must go to the school to accept the scholarship award and endorse the check over to the student's school.

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