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All donations that you intend to be eligible for a state tax credit and federal tax deduction for the current tax year need to be completed online or dated and postmarked by December 31.

STEP 1 - Contact Information
Please fill out all of your contact and tax-related information.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires that GO provide Social Security Numbers of donors so they can confirm the amount of the tax credit that you earn from donating to GO. If you do not feel comfortable providing your SSN via our website at this time, we will provide alternative options for you later in the process.
STEP 2 - Donation
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2.2 - Choose Tax Credit Percentage
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I confirm my commitment to contribute the same amount next year in order to qualify for the enhanced 75% tax credit.
2.3 - Enter Donation Amount
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STEP 3 - Schools
  • Undesignated Dollars
    GO where the need is greatest!

  • All Saints
  • Marquette
  • Saint Joseph
  • Bishop Kelley
  • Monte Cassino
  • Saint Mary
  • Cascia Hall
  • Saint Catherine
  • Saint Pius X
  • Holy Family
  • Saint John
  • Saints Peter & Paul
STEP 4 - Donor Survey
What parishes are you associated with?
(You can start by typing in the name of your parish or city. If your parish isn't listed, simply type it in the field or BROWSE LIST HERE)

How did you learn about GO? (Select all that apply)
Presentation at mass
Received a letter from priest
Received an email notification
Attended a presentation
My family received a GO scholarship
Someone I know received a GO scholarship
Received a letter from principal
Received an email notification
Announcement in bulletin
Received an email notification
Article in Eastern Oklahoma Catholic magazine
Announcement in Catholic Schools Outreach Bulletin
Saint Francis of Assisi Gala
Personal invitation/recommendation
From a GO board member
From friend
From priest
Social media
GO website
Web search

What factors prompted you to make a donation to GO?
(Please rate only the below options that apply by rating them on a scale from 1 to 5.)
  • 5 = Extremely Important
  • 4 = Very Important
  • 3 = Somewhat Important
  • 2 = Not Very Important
  • 1 = Barely a Factor
  • 0 = Not a Factor
State income tax credit/Low cost of donation
I love Catholic schools
I attended a Catholic school
My children attend a Catholic school
My children graduated from a Catholic school
Priest recommendation
Principal recommendation
Friend recommendation
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