By using GO, YOU can help build a brighter future for Catholic Schools at little to no cost to you after taxes.

GO offers an incredible opportunity to provide our Catholic schools with immediate access to greater financial resources, so they can better serve the educational needs of families and children. We also have the chance to put our Catholic schools on strong financial footing for the long-term by developing a new model for financing and delivering a Catholic school education to more students and families across the State. The possibilities for GO are enormous and the implications far-reaching.


Fill the seats of current Catholic schools to capacity so more students and families can gain the benefit of a Catholic school education.

Lessen the burden of families that are currently struggling to afford a Catholic School.

Create a new model for financing Catholic schools that recognizes the value of our Catholic schools to the larger community.

Create a platform for growth for Catholic schools to serve a greater number of families and students across the State and in new locations.

Empower parents to choose the educational platform that best fits the needs of their children.

Improve education and formation outcomes for students in Oklahoma.

Contribute to the sustainability, growth and prosperity of our economy and culture by making a high-quality, Catholic school education more widely available.

Empower other programs that support Catholic schools (Saint Francis of Assisi Tuition Assistance Trust, Friends of Catholic Education, individual school endowments, etc.) to go farther, to focus on other levels of need, or to be redirected to other priorities that will ensure the long-term success of our Catholic schools for generations to come.

Let’s GO! for Catholic Schools!

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