GO gives you the power to turn your Oklahoma income taxes into a gift of scholarships for Catholic schools!

READY . . .

Your contribution through GO funds a gift of scholarships for Catholic Schools of your choice and earns you a tax credit.

Your contribution benefits students attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma!


Every single dollar that you contribute to fund scholarships goes to help students attend one of our 12 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tulsa.


You can choose the schools to receive most of your contribution or simply help GO fund the need in all of our Catholic schools, wherever it is exists.

Your contribution to fund scholarships benefits YOU!


You earn a state income tax credit worth up to 75% of the amount you contribute, which directly reduces your Oklahoma income taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


You also earn a tax deduction for your charitable contribution that lowers your taxes even further if you itemize deductions.

SET . . .

GO serves you and our Schools by administering this powerful program which helps you earn valuable tax credits and helps Schools access your gift of scholarships to serve more children and families.

GO reports necessary contribution information to the Oklahoma Tax Commission so you can claim your tax credits with the State.

GO provides you with official documentation and receipts to support your tax credits and charitable contribution.

GO helps you track and use your tax credits so you gain the benefits earned when you file your taxes.

GO provides the level of personal information that you authorize to the Schools you designate to receive the benefits of your gift.

GO works with our Schools to identify and qualify students to receive a scholarship in accordance with the governing statute.

GO !

GO scholarships help students attend a Catholic School in Oklahoma.

GO finalizes scholarship awards, processes checks made payable to the student’s parent, and delivers scholarship checks to the Catholic school where the student is enrolled.

A parent of the student awarded a GO scholarship goes to the school to accept the scholarship award and endorses the check directly over to the school.