RISE at Marquette

Religious Inclusive Student Education Program (RISE)

The mission of RISE is to provide children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education in their home parish school.

Marquette Catholic School is blessed to be the first parish school in the Tulsa Diocese to implement a program for children with special needs.

RISE is modeled after a program in the Kansas City Diocese that has been successful for over a decade. The program is based on an “inclusion” model which allows for children with special needs to be in a regular classroom with the assistance of a teacher’s aide and with the supervision of a special education specialist.

Students seeking support from the RISE program must first meet additional criteria contingent upon the level of support required.  Students needing para educator support must meet “Active Parishioner” requirements for two years prior to admittance.  

We hope RISE will be a model for other parish schools to help many more of these very special children in our Catholic community.

To learn more about the RISE program at Marquette, please view the following video: